Most of us have got into the habit of buying frozen peas as oppose to fresh. While it is true that frozen peas always taste good compared to other frozen vegetables - as Bird's Eye say, 'as fresh as the day they were picked' - nothing can beat the real thing. Freshly picked and podded peas are so sweet. I had forgotten how really good they are, and if you don't grow your own, then the supermarkets currently have fresh peas in their vegetable aisle. Get your kids to help pod them, if they don't eat them along the way!

This summer recipe makes the most of fresh peas and has a perfect texture if you blitz the peas and leeks until they are well mixed but still chunky. Have a go this weekend - a perfect starter for an outdoor meal.

Ingredients:- (serves 8)
2 leeks - finely sliced
120g fresh garden peas
1tbsp olive oil
20g Parmesan cheese - grated
Handful of mint leaves - chopped and toasted
Half of a thick baguette - sliced and toasted

  • In a non-stick pan, cook the leeks in a few tablespoons of water until the leeks are soft and the liquid has evaporated. Season well.
  • Blanch the peas for 3 minutes in boiling water, drain, then stir into the leeks.
  • Add the olive oil and blitz in a food processor for 30 seconds of until coarsely chopped.
  • Add 4 mint leaves and the Parmesan cheese and blitz for a further 30 seconds.
  • Spoon onto the toast and decorate with the remaining mint leaves. 
My thanks to 'Modern Gardens' for the inspiration.


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