I was astounded to read in the UK press that a plate of cod and chips at Harrods is all of £35. Yes, anything in the top London store is pricey, but £35 is staggering. It's the 'fault' of celebrity chef Tom Kerridge and his new 'gourmet' chippie in the Knightsbridge store.

A helping of the great British staple meal is normally about £6.50 at your local chippie. Kerridge, a star of the recent BBC2 programme 'Saving British Pubs', is launching Kerridge's Fish and Chips at Harrods and so no price is too great. His purse busting version of the dish includes 'market day fish', chips, curry sauce, tartare sauce and pease pudding. The new restaurant opens on Friday this week (11 May 2021) and the eatery will also serve 10g of chips topped with caviar and creme fraiche at a snip at £32. The follicly challenged chef is quoted as saying that he believes that British talent and produce are at the forefront of great cuisine. 'That's modesty, Mr Kerridge!' But is fish and chips at six times the price of your local fryer, good value for money? Not according to The Real Food Inspector.   


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