Loaves Are Too Big

Artisan bread is becoming more popular than ever and is made using traditional methods and ingredients as opposed to manufactured bread. As a result, the sales of white sliced bread has reduced by 12 per cent in the last five years, with the market value of speciality bread and rolls expected to reach in excess of £1.2 billion in 2021. We all love fresh homemade bread, but without the time to bake our own, resort to artisan bread such as a sourdough loaf from the local bakery or supermarket. But if you think such bread will be delicious toasted, then think again. Standard size toasters are just not big enough for most artisan loaves. 

Artisan loaves such as sourdough are just too wide, long and thick to fit into the normal toaster and this is not just my view but that of the UK consumer watchdog, Which? They reviewed 75 conventional toasters and their research showed that the average toaster's slot is only  six inches wide and five inches high with a variety of depths. Many toasted artisan slices were left uncooked at the edges. 

As a result, Which? concluded  that most toast lovers are left with little choice but to cut their slice of sourdough, or similar rustic bread, which can be up to nine inches wide - in half to avoid undercooking the edges. A spokesperson for the consumer watchdog is quoted in the UK press as saying, 'This isn't the end of the world, but it means you can often end up with a pale white border around the edge of your toast,'

The UK Flour Millers Association have responded to the Which? research by calling upon bakers to make artisan loaves less wide so they can fit our toasters. They also suggested that grilling toast in the oven could also be an option for toast lovers. 

I say that most of us have bought toasters exactly for 'toasting', so bread must change, or toaster design!   


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