The discount bookshops are awash with cookery books at the moment, some new and some revised. I spotted an interesting book this weekend that is worth a look. It may inspire you to buy at a 'knock-down' price and add another book to your already expanding bookshelf of cookbooks.

'Food For Thought' by Vanessa Kimbell

This book is subtitled 'changing the world one bite at a time' and that's exactly what it aims to do. You can learn how to shop. cook and eat ethically. The food we put on our plates hugely impacts on the farmers that produce it, on our health and on the environment and this book tackles the fundamentals of this philosophy. With chapters such as 'Simple Suppers', 'Feeding Children' and 'Getting Ahead in the Kitchen', Vanessa Kimbell helps you navigate the tricky issues such as local vs organic and learn how to:
  • Care for the planet with Climate Change Shellfish and Lime Paella
  • Support fair trade by indulging in No Child Slavery Flourless Chocolate and Orange Brownies.
  • Make Free Range Egg Lemon Curd to ensure animals are treated compassionately.
  • Cut down on food waste with dishes like Finish-The-Bottle Wine Risotto.
  • Enjoy meals made from scratch, so you know exactly what's in them, such as Horse-free Burgers.
  • Reduce rubbish with No Packaging Yogurt.
  • And much, much this Moroccan Roast Chicken.

This book will help you make delicious food, fuss-free food without putting aside your principles.
'Food For Thought' by Vanessa Kimbell is published by Kyle Books (2015). 
ISDN: 978-0-85783-271-9.  
Normal price: £19.99 but available at discount prices and at Amazon Books: £5.99 or $15.54.


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