There seems to be a trend now for restaurants to make their own condiments such as spicy beetroot ketchup to smoky bacon relish. So why don't we all follow suit? Here is a punchy sauce that originates from Coal Rooms restaurant in Peckham in South-east London. It's brilliant with leftover lamb or any meat or fish and its simple to make.

Cover 50g (about 14) peeled garlic cloves with cold water in a small pan, bring to the boil and then drain. Repeat three times to remove the bitterness from the garlic. Meanwhile, drain the olive oil from a 50g tin of anchovy fillets and make it up to 50g with rapeseed oil. Strip the leaves from 4 x 30g packs of flat-leaf parsley and add to a food processer with the garlic and drained anchovies. Blitz the whole lot, adding the mixed oil slowly to emulsify. Push the mixture through a fine sieve and that's it! It will keep for 3 to 4 days and will serve 6 to 8 persons. 


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