Plastic Into Paper

Supermarket giant, Morrisons, is giving its UK customers the option of using large, reusable paper bags in eight of its stores. ''Well done, Morrisons'', I say.

The US -style 20p paper bags, which can be reused, and ultimately recycled have the same capacity as standard plastic carrier bags. What's more, in order to reduce plastic use, the high street supermarket is increasing the price of its standard plastic carrier bags from 10p to 15p.

The new paper bags are sourced from responsibly managed forests. A representative of Morrisons is reported in the UK pres as saying that the paper carriers do exactly the same job as standard plastic bags. He says that they are tough, reusable and can help keep a large amount of plastic out of the environment.

I can't wait to try them! If it helps to save our planet, it can only be good for future generations. 


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