Ditch the Champagne, Go English!

It's been a bumper year for the UK's wine producers thanks to a blazing hot summer. The grape harvest in Kent's famous winery, Chapel Down, was up by 60 per cent more than last year after the country roasted in record temperatures A spokesperson for Chapel Down is quoted in the press as saying that  the growing conditions in Kent were perfect this summer and resulted in a grape harvest that was the best ever.

Sadly English wine only currently accounts for 2 per cent of all the wine bought in Britain, despite the fact that imports of Champagne have fallen to a 17-year-low. This is due in the main to the fall in the pound against the euro, making imports more expensive. But this continued trend can only boost UK competitors.

With Champagne prices creeping up, why not ditch the French bubbly and buy English sparkling wine instead! 


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