And to think of it, all my active gardening and agricultural practices this summer have contributed to a bumper crop of honey this year.

We have heard so much about the bee population plunging in recent years, but it seems those survivors have been making more honey while the sun shone. A recent survey reports that despite the snowstorms at the start of 2018 and the terrible weather that followed, the long warm summer has produced a record crop of honey up a third on 2017, to an average of 31lb per hive. The BBKA - The British Beekeepers Association, reports that although this is still a lower yield compared to a few decades ago, new farming methods and a reduction in the use of pesticides are helping the honey bees and other insects re-establish their numbers. It seems that Wales had exceptional improvements in its honey yield, almost doubling from last year at an average of 32lb per hive.

Food for honey bees and other wild creatures can only come from what we plant and grow and our gardening is incredibly important. A pat on my back, I think! 


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