Eating To An Early Grave

There are very few fridges and cupboards in the UK that don't contain white bread, butter, jam, fruit juice and chocolate, but they are all favourite foods that are sending us to an early grave. 

Experts at Oxford University have identified that the staple foods that make up the British diet are deadly. Added to this are sugar sweetened drinks and table sugar. Researchers warn that such products are high in calories, fat and sugar and low in fibre and as a result, fuel heart disease. Data from 116,000 individuals in the UK, recorded what they ate for a few days and were tracked for an average of 5 years. During that time, 4,245 people developed cardiovascular disease and had heart attacks or strokes, of which 838 were fatal. Dietary patterns featuring fatty and sugary favourites were linked to heart disease and death and individuals were up to 40 per cent more at risk. The study was published recently in the Journal BMC Medicine and does not make good reading for us Brits.

Be warned, unless we radical review our eating habits in favour of more fibre, less fat, less sugar and much less salt, then our days could be numbered!


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