Menus in restaurants and at takeaways will change from next April and any establishment that fails to list calories on their 'offerings' will be fined, as part of the UK Government's war on obesity.

All food outlets which employ at least 250 staff will be legally obliged from April 2022, to display the calorie content of each item of food on their menu. Alcoholic drinks will be exempt from the new rules, but establishments will still have to publish the calorie content of coffees, teas and soft drinks. The Government's plans, which were laid-down in law yesterday, are a further sign that our portly Prime Minister, Boris Johnson, wants to tackle obesity, following his personal brush with death from coronavirus. Ironically, Boris had previously rallied against this sort of 'nanny state' intervention, but he now seems to have changed his mind, after being a patient in intensive care with the Covid-19 virus last March. Noticeably, the PM's weight contributed to him becoming severely ill, and he is now running more and cutting back on carbohydrates. 

The Queen's Speech earlier this week also included proposals to ban all junk food advertising before the 9.00pm TV 'watershed' and online.

So, expect your future restaurant menu to run to many more pages of dishes with their calorie counts. Expect to see more 'set meals' on the menu, like our fast food outlets, annotated with total calorie counts. Alternatively, calculators come with every three course meal! 


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