TASTE OF INDIA - Sherwood's, Hall Green, Birmingham

Sherwood's serves some of the best Indian food in Birmingham. I know that there are many close competitors, probably much cheaper, but if your want quality food, beautifully presented and served on very hot plates, then you should be rushing to Hall Green and this vey good restaurant.

My view has been confirmed again following a family visit last Saturday evening. The staff are polite, discrete and not over friendly. They are available if you want something, but they do not hover over you, refilling your wine glass or asking if you need more drinks. Tables are beautifully laid with starched white linen and napkins and gleaming cutlery and glasses. We arrived well before the children who were stuck in traffic, so my wife and I had time to closely examine everything about this place and watch the few customers already eating, (including the guy who sat in his overcoat all evening). Modern décor, quite brightly lit gives a touch of class to this inner city eatery. (So many Indian restaurants are dark and dismal, probably so that you cannot see the peeling wallpaper or chipped furnishings). This is NOT the case at Sherwood's. You can see how clean and well kept everything is.

When the children (both 30+) finally arrived we ordered starters and mains and there was no hint of disappointment - only clean plates left our table. Food arrived piping hot on hot plates and serving dishes were kept warm by a hot plate in the centre of the table. A lovely touch. Rice was light and fluffy, naan bread very fresh and curry dishes well spiced, with sauces that had no sign of floating fat, that you often find at many Asian restaurants. The sauces were rich and succulent - who needed the meat with such delicious sauces!

Our bill for four, including a bottle of dry white wine and two bottles of water, came to £110, which I thought was very good value. The staff also deserved a good tip for their discretion.


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