Have you thought about Christmas Dinner yet? What are you planning to cook this festive season- turkey again or will it be ham this year? Now is the time to think about placing your order for your 'real food' festive bird. BBC Good Food have suggested the following on-line suppliers of some of the best meat and fish in the UK.

Peele's Norfolk Black (
A family business that rears Norfolk Black turkeys outside, and hand-plucks them before hanging them for at least a week.
Copas (
Choose between traditional white or Bronze turkeys, with the option of whole birds, crown cuts or breasts for roasting.

Kelly Bronze (
Free-range, succulent Bronze turkeys with a gamey flavour. The matured meat develops a lovely marbling effect.

Great Clarkes Farm Foods (
Free-range geese, prepared and packed on a North Essex farm They range in weight from 4Kg to 6.4Kg.
Goodman's Geese (
Traditionally reared, free-range birds fed on grass, corn and straw, delivered oven-ready to your door.

Wild Meet Company (
Wild game meat and birds, including boar, venison, hare, woodcock and pigeon.

Home Farm (
Free-range game and poultry, including estate-managed pheasant and partridge.

Dukeshill (
Traditional Wiltshire ham, cooked and ready to eat. Cured in brine for several days this makes the ham wonderfully moist. The addition of unrefined brown sugar adds a sweetness. Available on and off the bone, smoked and unsmoked. Prices range from £45 to £85. 

Forman & Field (
Fresh or smoked salmon, gravadlax, lobster and caviar
Inverawe Scottish Oak Smokehouse (
Hot or cold smoked fish from Argyll on the west coast of Scotland.

One-stop suppliers
British Fine Foods (www.britishfinefoodscom)
The best of British artisan meat, cheese, pies, cakes and alcohol.
Legges of Bromyard (
A huge selection of meat, fish, cheese, cakes and hampers from this farm shop.

It's time to order before the festive rush!


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