Beetroot Yogurt Anyone?

I love my breakfast yogurt flavoured with blueberries and added crunchy granola, but as for a beetroot or an avocado yogurt, that's going too far!

We seem to have imported another idea for the US - putting vegetables like carrot, squash and beetroot into our almost everything from breakfast salads to lunchtime sandwiches. Posh supermarket, Waitrose, in an attempt to keep pace with the UK's demand for healthier choices, is launching four new yogurt flavours. The food trend in the US to infuse the flavours of vegetables into yogurt has got Waitrose adopting the craze. The retailer now has an apple, carrot, beetroot and ginger yogurt, in addition to  a yogurt flavoured with kiwi, avocado and matcha tea. Pineapple, butternut squash and turmeric is another flavour in their new dairy dessert, while the final vegetable based yogurt on the Waitrose shelves contains carrot, mango and guarana - a plant in the maple family and used as a herbal energy booster.

Waitrose are reported as saying that they 'can't wait' to hear what their customers think about these new yogurt flavours. They say that vegetable-based smoothies are becoming mainstream and they see yogurts following suit. The product costs 69p for a 125g pot, as a opposed to about 50p for a traditional fruit option. Each vegetable flavour contains around 100 calories per serving.


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