Wasteful BOGOFs

Regular shoppers at supermarket giant Morrisons will know that they have significantly reduced their buy one, get one free deals, following Government pressure on all supermarkets, to drop multi-buy offers on fresh food in a bid to cut down on waste. However, deals are still being promoted on supermarket websites and in different forms in store.

Shopping at Morrisons last weekend, I noticed some offers on the fresh meat counter - three selected meat packs at only £10. For example, a fresh chicken, a pack of minced beef and a pack of fresh beef burgers all for a tenner. That's only £3.33 each pack. A bargain, you might say. Well it is if you are going to use each before products go off, or if, like me, you are to freeze them for future use. If not, and they sit in the fridge unused, then they end up in the bin. Similarly Sainsbury's have two for £3 on milk - destined for the waste if not used quickly!

The excuse given by supermarket bosses is that shoppers are more inclined to buy in bulk online, so these offers appeal to them. What rubbish, I say. We shoppers are being artificially pushed to spend more with the supermarkets in volume sales, whether online or in store.

Stores are insisting that they have made great strides in cutting food waste. If so, let's see evidence in-store and on-line then. I'll be watching out again this weekend, when I do my weekly shop!

Let's stop food going to waste!


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