Have A Takeaway At The Pub

Last week I blogged about the increasing 'lazy' practice of ordering a takeaway as oppose to going to a restaurant. (See 'Home Delivery? Don't Be Lazy!') Well, things are going to get worse for the restaurant trade. Very soon now, you won't even have to leave the pub to get your favourite takeaway!

Gone are the days of calling at the chippy or getting a kebab on the way home from your local, drinkers will be able to get their curry or pizza without leaving the comfort of their mates or their bar stool. A company called 'Deliveroo' is launching a scheme for pubs without kitchens to allow their customers to order food straight to their local. There is no doubt that it will be a boom to those taverns that have struggled through competition from the growing number of gastro-pubs, and it will keep drinkers in the pub longer, spending more cash. Drinkers will be able to order anything from a curry to a kebab with their pint of bitter.

However, this idea to make us lazier than ever is not without problems it seems. Do you want someone partaking of strong smelling food while you are sitting having a quiet G'nT with friends?  Pubs may need to take back some control over what kind of dishes are allowed, or by designating part of the pub as a 'food free' zone. (Maybe they can join the smokers!)

'Deliveroo', which until now delivered for restaurants that do not have their own takeaway service, has decided to cash-in on this opportunity, after seeing demand for deliveries of food to pubs and bars rocket. They plan to roll-out the new scheme in 2018, after successful trials with 20 pubs. They have also set-up windowless metal structures across the UK, which are essentially container sheds with stoves and fridges. There are 11 sites in London, Reading, Hove and Leeds and the new pub partnership could lead to a further demand for sites to be established, with pubs releasing space in their car parks for 'mobile' kitchens. 

Very soon now, we will be able to get a takeaway delivery while on the go - while shopping or walking in the park!


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