'Forget The Break, Forget The Kit Kat!'

'Have A Break, Have A Kit Kat!' That's the strap line for one of the most famous biscuit bars in the world, but 'a break' is something they won't be taking at the UK Nestle factory where they are made.

The American food giant, Nestle, is investing £55 in a high tech factory run by robots so it can deliver Kit Kat quicker to customers. Their 638,000 sq ft warehouse, the size of ten World Cup football pitches, will be fully automated, meaning that all the products are picked and packed by robots before being shipped out to supermarkets or direct to customers around the world. The company boast that the new factory in Leicestershire will give customers a faster and more efficient access to its products. Nestle claim that the investment will build on a '150 year proud history in Britain'.

Scheduled to be completed in 2020, the warehouse, which is being built in a tie-up with logistics and transport firm XPO Logistics, will still employ humans but Nestle has not confirmed how many jobs will be created.

Will it be a case of 24 hour shifts without a break?


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