Water Like The Swedes

As readers will know, I have recently returned from a trip to Sweden and Finland, tasting all things good about Scandinavian food and drink. What is abundantly clear is that the Swedes have mastered the art of recycling everything and are fully aware of the impact their actions can have on the environment. What plastic bottles, for example, are purchased, have a recyclable value - a few krona are returned from bottle-accepting machines in the local supermarket. So why is it taking us Brits so long to have a similar system for recycling our plastic bottles? Taking it a step further, why buy water in bottles anyway, when we have good quality tap water?  

In our household we can buy up to a dozen bottles of sparkling water a week, but not anymore! Thanks to our Swedish friends we are now making our own. This weekend, we took deliver of a Sodastream Sparking Water Maker, just the same as Carina and Ragnar in Stockholm. Sold in the UK shops at £99, I got one online from Amazon for £59 and before long that cost will be recouped through our savings on bottled water. A simple device, it produces sparkling water from tap water and tastes as good as any sparking spring water purchased from the supermarket. Yes, you have to replace the CO2 canister from time to time, but again, that is recycled and you only pay for the gas and not the canister.

I seem to remember 'Sodastream' as a lad and the TV adverts promoting the production of your own sparling drinks, but I never thought then that Sodastream would become one solution to saving on plastic bottles. Back then sparkling drinks were in glass bottles purchased from the Corona 'pop man' who called every Friday to collect the empties and leave more Dandelion and Burdock. As we now have everything in plastic containers, it is time to think of the planet and future generations who will suffer in a sea of plastic, before too long.

I urge readers who like their sparkling water to ditch the purchase of plastic bottles and produce their own with a Sodastream Sparkling Water Maker You'll save on storage space, have good sparkling water and save the planet at the same time!    


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