Give Us Cheaper Fruit and Veg

I am reading in the UK press that fresh fruit and vegetables have increased significantly in price in the last year. Why? I have my allotment and an orchard to help keep costs down in my kitchen, but in a society where obesity and too much fat and salt in diets is a big issue, why aren't growers and wholesalers keeping costs down?

An own-label broccoli from a range of well known high street supermarket is now 14.3 per cent more expensive at 51p on average, while a kilo bag of carrots is up 16.4 per cent to £1.45. Loose courgettes are up 9.3 per cent at £1.93 per kilo. The Grocer magazine has reported iceberg lettuces up 12.7 per cent to 56p and a bag of onions 14 per cent dearer at 91p. Veg is still cheap as food goes, but the rise is nevertheless frightening. Overall, the brand analysts found average fresh vegetable prices up 2 per cent across 360 products.

Fruit, at the same time, is up on average by only 1 per cent across 52 products, with own-label loose bananas up 6 per cent to 77p. Braeburn apples too are up 21 per cent to £1.40. The good news though, is that the rises have been offset by falling prices on products like avocados, the trendy fruit, and grapes and parsnips. The Grocer magazine says that fruit and veg growers are still feeling the impact of the 'Beast from the East' cold snap on crops, earlier in the year.

That reminds me, I must harvest some of my home grown Webbs Wonderful lettuce and a little of that tasty Lollo Rosso for a healthy salad at lunchtime! 



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