Appetites by Anthony Bourdain

If you want to a cookbook with a difference then look no further than 'Appetites'. They certainly don't make chefs like Anthony Bourdain - if you are a fan of the old-school, rock-n-roll, swearing and the fire-and-knives type then Anthony's first cookbook for 10 years should be on your shopping list this weekend.

'Appetites' is very different from chef Bourdain's previous publication and features recipes that reflect his new life as a family man. But that's not to say that it is like any other family recipe book you've ever read. The picture for a start, are edgy, messy, and crackpot  - a caesar salad is illustrated with a plastic container chucked in the bin along with broken egg s heels and cigarette butts. Buddae Jigae - a Korean noodle stew, is served in an army helmet! No, this isn't 'pretty' food porn, this is rough-n-ready, bold cooking art, with Anthony Bourdain's trademark anecdotes and lip-smacking recipes that you'll be dying to cook time and time again. If you haven't got it on your kitchen bookshelf soon then your'll miss out on a pleasurable food experience.

'Appetites' by Anthony Bourdain is published by Bloomsbury (ISBN: 978-1408883839) at £26. It is currently available on Amazon at £12


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