Christmas Taste Awards 2016

I don't know about you, but I have already spotted Christmas food appearing on supermarket shelves, but which mince pies, salmon or party food to buy can be something of a lottery as food stores compete to offer the best prices. But it's not all about price - quality at Christmas time can be a key component in a successful festive meal. So which is the best to choose?

A panel of food experts have already been testing out the 50 best supermarket buys. Good Food's tasting experts asked 10 top supermarkets to send in their star products to be judged in 18 categories from smoked salmon to mince pies to beef joints. They came with up the best buys to make Christmas special and here they are. The results were compiled by an independent adjudicator.

Seafood platter - Tesco at £32.50

Vegetarian Starter  - Butternut and Sweet Potato Rosti from M&S at £5.00
Vegetarian Main Course  - Baked Camembert and Cranberry Melting Quiche form Tesco at £5.00

Meat Starter - Drunken Duck Parfait from Tesco at £7.00
Turkey - Free-range British Corn-Fed Bronze Turkey from Asda at £6.00 per kilo
Beef - Beef Rib with Porcini from M&S at £50.00 for 1.4Kg

Ham - Smoked Gammon with Whisky and Ginger Glaze from Asda at £15.00 for 190g
Smoked Salmon - Extra Special Smoked Salmon form Asda at £4.00

Cheese Board - Extra Special Cheeseboard from Asda at £8.00
Vegetarian Canapes - 12 Cheese & Onion Muffins from M&S at £5.00
Meat and Fish Canapes - 12 Mini Beef Yorkshire Puddings from Coop at £4.00

Mince Pies - Six Specially Exquisite Mince Pies from Aldi at £2.99
Sweet Bites - 12 Extra Special Frozen Macarons from Asda at £3.00
Christmas Cakes - Snowy Lodge Decorated Christmas Cake from Lidl at £9.99
Panettone - Collection Italian Panettone Classico from M&S at £15.00
Centrepiece Dessert - The Best Chocolate Christmas Tree from Morrisons at £9.00
Stollen - Taste the Difference Fruit and Nut Stollen from Sainsbury's at £7.00


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