Summer Drinks

Drinks without alcohol don't have to be boring, so make the most of summer fruits and pure juices with these four cool summer tastes.

Raspberry Crush
Put 300g of raspberries in a pan with a slice of lemon and 50g of sugar. place over a low heat and keep stirring until the raspberries have softened and released their juices. Push through a sieve and set aside to cool, then top up with soda, lemonade or sparkling water. For a boozy version, add sparkling wine instead of soda.

Mint and Lemon Cooler
Mix fresh garden mint leaves with a little sugar in a pestle and mortar. (Shop-bought mint is not very strong.) Put into a large jug with the juice of 4 lemons and top up with tonic water, lemon slices and loads of ice.

Mango Delight
Combine mango juice with lemon and lime juice to taste. It needs to be quite sharp. For added zing, add the juice from fresh passion fruit. To up with lemonade and plenty of ice. For an alcoholic version, add dark or white rum.

Real Lemonade
In a food processor, whizz up 4 large lemons, halved, with 500ml of water and 150g of caster sugar. The lemons need to almost be a pulp. Strain the mix through a sieve, pushing out as much juice as possible. Chill until it is really cold. To serve, add another 500ml of still or sparling water and plenty of ice.


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