A croll. a cronut or a dagel?

It seems that the bakery industry or is it the supermarkets, have finally gone mad, or they need to find some new products to tempt the customer. Asda has on sale in its bread and cake department a 'croll'. What on earth is a 'croll', I asked? It's a new hybrid between a croissant and a roll. As if there aren't enough over-priced breakfast goodies to choose from, do we need this new concoction?

The croll follows hot on the heels of other fads that bakers have thought up to tempt us to spend more money. There is now the 'cronut' a cross between a croissant and a doughtnut and then there is the 'dagel' - no guesses for what kind of hybrid that is. Yes, half doughnut and half bagel (below).


The croll apparently combines the buttery taste of a croissant, while maintaining the structural integrity of a roll. Well that's what the marketing publicity says! What it fails to point out that is that they're on sale at Asda for £1 for two.

''I'll have a two crolls and a cronut please.'' No, I'm not speaking clingon!  

Cronut above.


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