My wife is not a sweet person. Let me re-phrase that - 'My wife does not like desserts.' In our house any sweets served with meals go to me and our guests. While she is happy to make them for others, desserts do not touch her lips. That makes the need for a cheeseboard a necessity at mealtime.

While it is easy to go for the tried and tested common British cheeses that fall from the supermarket shelves, they can become a little monotonous to someone who relies on a cheese course to complete a meal. So it's a challenge to regularly find new cheeses to tickle the taste buds. However, British artisan cheese has boomed in the past 15 years, so it is now possible to put together a top-quality, balanced British cheeseboard. Here are five British delights worthy of any table:-

Young Buck - Adapted from an old Stilton recipe, but less aggressively blue and slightly softer tasting. When fully mature it is complex, creamy and rounded with a long lingering finish.

Haford Cheddar - A favourite cheddar, using unpasteurised Ayrshire milk to give a buttery, supple finish to with that classic tang.

Amalthea - This goat's cheese from Worcester (my county town) is made to a French recipe and has a rich flavour.

Winslade - This is a British take on Vacherin Mont d'Or. Like its French counterpart, Winslade is encircled in a spruce strip and is rich, soft and gooey - perfect for spooning.

Baron Bigod Brie - Unpasteurised British Brie from Suffolk with an undulating rind, a soft unctuous texture and a full flavour.

You should be able to find these cheeses online or in specialist cheese shops nationwide.


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