I over-whipped the cream for the cup cake topping this weekend. Luckily I knew how to rescue the situation. Do you know what to do when the whipped cream, which should dollop gently from the spoon, instead just sits in stiff peaks?

It is easy in this warm muggy weather  to beat your cream just too far. Cream should be kept chilled until you're ready to use it and if it's a hot day, it's best to chill the bowl and the beaters for a few minutes in the freezer. This is because the fat globules in chilled cream reamain firm and in a formation that allows air in. If the cream is too warm, the fat globules collapse and cling to each other, so you end up with a heavy, solid mess with little volume.

So how do you fix that over-whipped cream? It can usually be revived by gentle whipping in a little milk, and not more cream which will simply thicken it more. The result will be less stable, though, so you must use it straight away . If the cream has split, (separates into curds and whey), you're better off making butter with it - continue to beat the cream, drain off the liquid buttermilk, then rinse the butter under the cold water. Mix in salt to taste and then chill.


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