I love avocados, particularly when they are perfectly ripe. Added to a fresh salad, they compliment a gathering of lettuce, tomatoes, cucumber, peppers, boiled eggs and red onion. However, it doesn't take long for the avocado to turn from ripe to spoilt, brown and squashy - but things are about to change. A revolutionary technique promises to extend an avocado's shelf-life by two days, using ultraviolet light beams.

A new method devised by a Lincolnshire based firm, Greencell, involves passing the avocado through a shortwave IV light to 'clean' them and kill off bacteria spores, allowing them to keep for longer. They are then packaged in film containing microscopic holes, creating a controlled atmosphere that slows ripening.

These 'treated' avocados will go on sale in 1,200 Tesco stores next week at £1.89 for a pack of two fruit.


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