Mash or roast potatoes with your Sunday roast dinner - which is your preference? Mine is roasties, every time, but surprisingly, four in ten Brits would swap roasted potatoes for mash with their meal. Roast potatoes are the spud's finest expression, potatoes achieving their best. In a recent survey, chippy chips came second, with mash trailing in at third.  

Roasties on a Sunday, with meat and two veg are the reason for a weekend treat. But here's something weird, I like both roast and mash on the same plate. No, I would not expect to have mashed carrots with roasted ones, although I do like mashed parsnips or even mashed swede! Put in front of me, I'd scoff them both. 

As for which potato is ideal for mash, roasting, fries or wedges, there is none better than the all-rounder, the Maris Piper potato.


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