My wife is addicted to Come Dine With Me. We have to watch repeated episodes over and over again most evenings and on a Sunday afternoon. Sadly, over the last few months the programme  has become less of a cooking competition and more about contestants' entertainment between courses and how they get along with each other. Karaoke, dancing and table games take up as much of the show as buying and preparing the food. Marking each other out of ten, seems to be less about the quality and presentation of the food and more about the evening's fun value and whether contestants like each other or not. Maybe things are about to change. Come Dine With Me is set for double the tension as producers invite couples to compete together on a new revamped show.

The new format will see three sets of couples vying to win the £1000 cash prize by preparing and hosting a dinner party together. Producers of the show – which has a working title of Come Dine with Me: Couples – say pairs can be romantically involved, housemates or family members. Each couple will cook for the other two teams, rate each other’s culinary skills and give their own views on one another’s relationships in the 30 hour-long episode series.

David Sayer, commissioning editor for Channel 4 Daytime said to The Daily Telegraph: “This new series will have everything viewers love about Come Dine With Me plus an exciting new twist which will see whether couples can stand the pressure of throwing a dinner party for demanding guests and with a cash prize at stake.”

Casting for dinner duos is currently taking place and couples from Birmingham, Liverpool and Brighton are now invited to apply. Details below:-

Birmingham - email to apply

Liverpool - email to apply

Brighton - email to apply

Go on, apply!


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