GOOD FOOD MAGAZINE - January Edition

The BBC Good Food Magazine for January is out now and it's cover wishes Happy New Year with the headline ''Entertain in style''. A yummy picture of a Beef Wellington dish with an exciting twist adorns the front page - with the twist being the addition of spinach and bacon. It looks a great recipe for a cold and comforting January supper and is served with roasted vegetables.

There is a varied content for January that is worth a look. Plenty of meal planners and recipes, as usual, plus page 13 previews the New Year's TV cookery shows. James Martin begins a new five part series of 'Operation Hospital Food' in February, where he is running a cookery school for hospital chefs at is home. A new show, 'Restaurant Wars' is a three part documentary on BBC2, with two chefs competing to win a Mitchelin star for their Manchester restaurant. A change from the predominance of London on our TV screens. The show I featured in my bog on 19 November, ''Grow, Make, Eat: The Great Allotment Challenge'' also starts next month.

Good Food's 'In season' feature has lots of fruit, veg, fish and meat to try in January with a fine recipe for Lyche and passion fruit panna cotta (below). Sadly, their Cinnamon and pineapple upside-down cake looks a right mess. Give that a miss, there are much better recipes available elsewhere!

I see that Padstow in Cornwall (below) is recommended as a suitable winter break venue for foodies. With so many eating places you can't go wrong and they don't all belong to Rick Stein, though he does have a selection of fish places to try. 'The Basement' is supposed to be a brilliant little bistro in this beautiful Cornish village and the 'binTwo' wine bar, we are told is a venue for people watching.

If you are a chicken fan and want some new ideas, then this edition  has five great recipes - Thai burgers, a chicken casserole, chicken Kiev, Mexican chicken stew (below) and Italian chicken bake. The last two look especially delicious and I must try them. They are both priced at under £3 per serving, unlike some of the other dishes on offer this month, which do stretch the budget somewhat.  

I enjoyed the pages entitled 'Global Kitchen'. This is an interesting feature, with food from Pakistan, Lebanon, Vietnam, Poland, Peru and Korea. I don't know much about delicacies from these countries so it was very informative and I loved the recipe for Whipped hummus with lamb (Lebanon) and Korean pork. There are also recommended wines to accompany these delightful dishes.

There is plenty of pages on comfort food for 2014, including puddings and they 
are supplemented by cake baking recipes that make-over classic dishes like lemon drizzle loaf. As last month, I was again disappointed by James Martin's Celebration dinner suggestions and as for 'Maisie makes sushi', where on earth did they find such an ugly child to feature in a cookery magazine? Interestingly, later in the publication, it asks, 'Could insects be the new sushi?' - Don't you mean Maisie? 

Page 122, covers 20 things we learnt in 2013, with the food tips and techniques that marked the year that is ending. A very interesting array of clever shortcuts that are worth remembering, from no-cook noodles to bicarbonate of soda in fish burgers to peeling bananas like monkeys do.

Finally, a tasty New Year cocktail, 'Clementinis', made up from the juice of 6 clementines, one bottle of Prosecco and 100ml of both vodka and Cointreau, is easy to mix and a joy to drink! (Makes 10 glasses and serve chilled)

Good Food Magazine - the January edition is worth buying! 


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