Healthy Christmas Hampers

I see that Christmas hampers are now available for health craze customers - a chance to swap mince pies for quinoa and coconut.

Health-conscious consumers are swapping decadent Christmas hampers for eco-friendly eating. For many, Christmas is a time for over-indulgence, with the words “eat, drink and be merry” ringing out over tables across the land. In 2014, however, it appears health-conscious cooks are swapping traditional sherry and mince pies for coconut oil and quinoa.

Consumers will this year be offered a wide range of healthy hampers, from vitamin tablets to raw vegetable and virtuous grains.  A study by the Observer newspaper has found festive treats including goji berries, hemp protein powder, and muesli, as well as those catering to special eating plans such as the paleo diet. One hamper, from Dorset-based Primrose’s Kitchen, will offer an eco-friendly option containing raw nut butters made from almond and hemp, almond and chia and five seed butters, alongside raw vegetable mueslis.  A “healthy and fit” hamper from Whole Foods Market offers treats including containing magnesium flakes, hemp protein powder, vitamin C and a yoga mat for £90, with the option of raw or vegan hampers. For variety, the Retreat Café and Jax Coco's gluten-free hamper, is filled with goji berries, herbal tea, organic honey, sundried tomato pesto and chia jam, coconut
water and oil.

This new trend is believed to have been fuelled by a rise in understanding about healthy eating, with dedicated dieters less willing to compromise their lifestyle for an annual Christmas binge. Chinzalee Sonami, head grocery buyer and hamper creator at gourmet food chain Planet Organic, told the Observer: "Traditionally, we've sold hampers filled with fine foods. But we have had a lot of clients request healthier, more nutritious hampers that are still fun. So this year we've expanded our range to cope with the demand.”

The brand has devised a £125 raw Christmas box "for the ultimate raw foodist", containing raw chocolate, raw bread made from broccoli, chia seeds, coconut oil, raw nuts, raw tahini and some jars of raw nut butters.

What about you - fancy a health-conscious Christmas?


  1. Love the idea of healthy and less processed Christmas Hampers in 2015 - I am tired of seeing processed shortbread for example, full of preservatives in other hampers and gift baskets. At Christmas you really need some healthy alternatives!


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