Night markets serving and selling food are common in the Far East and South American but in the UK they are a rare phenomenium. I know of only four, but nevertheless they are worth a visit if you are in the right part of Britain and have a free evening.

Urban Food Fest - This group assembles a different group of food trucks and vans in both East London and Manchester's city centre every Saturday night. The line-up is constantly changing and evolving, so each week visitors will discover something new. They open from about 5pm and go through until midnight. There are craft beers, cocktails and live music on offer as well as a wide range of foods to try. For details visit:

Food Park Night Market, Cambridge - In a city full of undergraduates, you might expect to find a night market. This is a collection of street food traders who come together for one night every cople of months in different locations around Cambridge. See:

Peddler Market, Sheffield - The city's bi-monthly night market offers craft beers, music and street food in an old industrial  building on Arundel Street. For details see:

Brandon Street Night Market, Leeds - Held in old mill buildings, this is a showcase of local food, beers, cocktails and produce. Live music and art displays (below) add to the vibrant atmosphere. See:

Go on, have a night out!


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