UK's Favourite Wine

We were supposed to have fallen out of love with it, but sauvignon blanc is back in fashion, according to a new poll, and according to me! It is currently my favourite white wine.  

The study surveyed the sales data at Laithwaites Wine from over 400,000 customers and found that we are a nation of sauvignon blanc fiends. The gooseberry flavoured grape came out on top, with sauvignon blanc named as the most beloved wine in every British town, city and county. Except Berkshire, that is, whose residents apparently prefer the nation's second choice: chardonnay.

Telegraph wine expert Victoria Moore was not surprised by the results: "We drink £600 million pounds worth of it a year. People love it for its freshness and brightness - the grass and citrus, that lovely, cold gulp, like sticking your head out of a car window on a hot day.The best examples come from France, New Zealand and South Africa and the cooler coastal valleys in Chile."


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