A Tasty Wedding Ring

You have probably been to a wedding this summer. What was the wedding cake like? Chances are you've seen a host of different trendy variations on the traditional three tiered fruit cake in white icing with a miniature happy couple adorning the top - whether it's a 'cheese cake' made of stacked wheels of cheddar, brier and Stinking Bishop, or a tower of delicate cupcakes, like my own home-made wedding cake (below). However, the latest trend is a doughnut wall!

The idea is simple - hammer some pegs into a wall or large pin board and then hang on them the prettiest and pinkish iced ring doughnuts you can get hold of. Like a traditional wedding cake, the doughnuts are finished with floral arrangements and kitsch trinkets - even having the model of the happy couple inside the doughnut ring. What about photos of the bride and group framed by the cakes?

What is clear though, it's easier to distribute servings to guests and the doughnuts do double duty as a wedding favour. Plus, it stops the best man making a joke about what an emotional day it is and the cake being in tiers...      


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