The UK wastes so much food these days, it's a crime that goes unpunished. And the main culprit seems to be the fridge, where food can stay tucked away at the back for weeks and when we finally discover it (if it doesn't walk out on its own!) it's well past its use date. Research shows that the average family of four wastes £700 a year on food they end up throwing in the bin.

If you are quick this week, then you might get a helping hand in saving some of this money from Sainsbury's. The supermarket giant are offering customers free fridge thermometers to ensure their fridges stay at the correct temperatures to prevent food waste. It won't find those cheese slices pushed up against freezer compartment for weeks, but it will encourage us to keep on top of the temperature most consumables need to stay fresh. Staff will be handing out a total of one million devices in stores across the country this week, so get down to your Sainsbury's today!



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