The countdown to Christmas has certainly begun, with so much to think about in preparation for next weekend. Have you thought about your cheeseboard yet? There is nothing better on a festive night than cosying up with a glass of wine and a plate of cheese and biscuits. So what's the perfect cheeseboard?

For a great cheeseboard, choose at least three types of cheese: one hard, one soft and one blue. A colourful cheese, such as cranberry studded Stilton or Wensleydale will bring the board to life. And remember, it's best to have a few good cheeses than lots of mediocre ones! Why not try 'Blackstitch Blue, Welsh Slate Cavern Aged Cheddar (hard) and Kidderton Ash Goat's Cheese (soft and below). A great combination.

For an easy solution, many supermarkets and cheese retailers do a cheese stack, featuring five or so different delicious cheeses that look beautiful served on a nice carved wooden board, or a slate one, if you're in to slate! The ideal cheeseboard also features grapes and apples. They are classic, but celery, pears, apricots, figs and nuts make lovely alternatives. Don't forget to serve a few chutneys on the side - some fruity, some sweet and some sharp. We have some delicious home-made red onion chutney that cannot be beaten. Just avoid the Branston - you deserve something much better at Christmas!



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