Crisp's Crunch Tester

How often do you open a packet of potato crisps and find them a little soft to the crunch? Well, those moments could be at an end if high street giant Sainsbury's has anything to do with it.

The supermarket supremo has invented a machine that it claims can test whether its crisps are crunchy enough. Their 'texture analyser machine' will measure the force needed to break each product. Nicknamed the 'crunch-o-meter', as well as crisps, it can be used for other products such as peanuts, crackers and pretzels. Apparently, Sainsbury's tasters decide on the perfect level of crunch for each product and then the firm's product quality lab creates a 'crunch range' against which to measure future batches, I imagine that the machine is like the chair-tester you see in most IKEA stores, but smaller. Well, here it is!

'It's a joke', I hear you say! No, it's not April Fool's Day - this new invention is reported by the popular press, so it must be true.

Sainsbury's boasts that with the 'crunch-o-meter', they can an test multiple samples of its products that are randomly selected and tested to ensure that the quality is consistent. The machine can supposedly be adjusted for products that have chocolate chips or fruit in them, so that it can given an accurate reading of crunchiness. The company's head of quality testing is reported as saying that the results from their work further validates the importance of their product quality laboratory and that Sainsbury's have been investing in the quality of their Christmas products throughout 2016. 

So remember, this Christmas, when you open that bag of Sainsbury's potato crisps, they've been through a 'texture analyser machine' and should be so crunchy they will test-out those false dentures of yours!


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