Having a diner party any time soon? What do you think of the idea of forcing your guests to make their own meals? That's the idea of raunchy novelist Kathy Lette, though she does admit at being a bad cook.

Kathy claims that if you're a hostess, then you can waste your entire evening in the kitchen when you should be out their socialising, otherwise you miss out on the discourse between courses. She does not want to be tethered to the kitchen by her apron strings, like a hostage, says the novelist. She goes on to admit that the 'right human ingredients' are more important than the food served up to guests. Her tactic, is to get everyone sloshed on champagne before announcing, ''I suppose we should eat?' There is always someone at the dinner who wants to show off what a good cook they are, she claims. According to Ms Lette, it's usually men, and to men cooking is like foreplay for females. She pretends to help for a few minutes and then gradually steps back and they do it all.

That's great if you can get away with it, Kathy. Maybe you entertain Jamie Oliver or James Martin in your house, but at our dinner parties, there's little champagne and you couldn't get a guest into the kitchen if you paid them. Now there's an idea, Ms Lette, employ a chef and let all your guests enjoy everyone's discourse!  


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