Flavours of Summer

If you are looking for an inspiring recipe book to stimulate your taste buds for simple summer food to enjoy on warm days, then look no further than 'Flavours of Summer' published this year by Ryland Peters & Small (www.rylandpeters.com) and edited by Kate Eddison. At only £19.99 it is bursting with summer dishes, beautiful photographs and sunshine dining ideas.

There are a host of chapters covering 'Snack plates to share' to 'Summer salads' to 'Best-ever barbeque'. 'Desserts and sweet treats' are covered alongside 'Drinks' and 'Sunshine lunches' and there is everything you might need to prepare that special outdoor meal. No, not just ordinary recipes but sparkling new taste-charged food that will impress your regular visitors as well as new diners.

The plates of colourful and mouthwatering food are expertly photographed in outdoor settings alongside photos of beautiful gardens, setting the backdrop to eating out on long warm summer evenings. I'm not just talking about equisitely laid formal tables but little garden versions too and even an upturned orange box. Well packed picnic baskets, deck chairs and simple barbeques all support the al fresco eating experience.

I found lots of favourite 'Flavours of Summer' and you will find yours- more than you think, but I'll let some pictures do the talking:-

Do try and get a copy!
(Flavours of Summer - ISBN 978-1-84975-606-8)    


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