These spicy chickpea cakes make a great veggie supper served with a simple salad. Try them!

Ingredients: (serves 4)
425 can of chickpeas - rinsed and drained
1 onion - roughly chopped
3 garlic cloves - roughly chopped
2tsp cumin seeds
1tsp mild chilli powder
2tbs chopped mint
3tbs chopped coriander
50g breadcrumbs
vegetable oil - for frying
salt and pepper


  • Put the chickpeas in a blender or food processor with the onion, garlic, spices, herbs, breadcrumbs and a little salt and pepper.
  • Blend to make a chunky paste.
  • Take dessertspoonfuls of the mixture and flatten into round cakes.
  • Heat the oil to a 1cm depth in a frying pan and fry half the falafel for about 3 minutes, turning once, until crisp and golden.
  • Drain on kitchen paper and keep warm while you cook the rest of the falafel.
  • Serve with a fresh salad. 


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