I read in the press that July is National Ice Cream month, so to mark the occasion, the Yo! Sushi Japanese restaurant chain has come up with a truly weird and wonderful ice cream dessert.

The Jappie Pie is a cross between apple pie and ice cream, but with a twist. Hot apple and vanilla gyozas or crispy fried dumplings to the uninitiated are nestled with black sesame ice cream in a large, crispy waffle cone. Topped with crumbled freeze-dried raspberries, each cone is served with a syringe of salted miso caramel sauce. Finally the lot is finished off with a chocolate Pocky stick, Japan's answer to the Cadbury's Flake.

The Jappie Pie is is priced at £4.90 and available for a limited time only. The following website will give details of your nearest Yo! restaurant -


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