Posh Italian Wine On The Up!

It seems that drinkers have gone upmarket with their taste in wine, according to recent figures issued by the drinks suppliers in the UK.

While sales of wine in pubs, clubs and restaurants have fallen by 2% this year, premium brands of wine have seen a rise of more than 10%. The biggest increase has been wine from the Campania region of Italy, which saw sales up by 120%, compared to last year. This is according to drinks supplier Matthew Clarke.

There are over 100 different grape varieties in Campania. The region has been well-known for its wine since the Greeks and Romans settled there, when it was known as Oenotria, “the land of wine.” In the case of the white wines, Falanghina’s vines were trained on phalanges (stakes) by the Greeks rather than allowing to spread across the ground. Fiano is grown in Avellino; the name is derived from the Roman apiana which refers to the fact that bees favoured the grape. The most popular white is Greco di Tufo – another grape brought here by the Greeks. The king of the reds is the Aglianico introduced to the area by the Greeks and later cultivated by the Romans. The Campania region’s success owes much to the varied climates & location. Viticulture is in its element thanks to an abundance of sunshine, dry hot summers, mild winters, a long growing season & volcanic soil.

Wines costing more than £20 in restaurants or £10 in in supermarkets are considered upmarket. Sales of premium wine have risen 10.7% overall, up 14.5% in restaurants and 52% in gastropubs. Simon Jerrome, purchasing director for Matthew Clarke, told the trade website Big Hospitality: ''Consumers are not only willing to trade up but more are interested in trying new things.''



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