I've blogged before about the attractions and warnings of 'raiding' the mini-bar in you hotel room, but now comes an extra attraction - wearing the mini-bar!

If someone accused you of 'wearing' the contents of the mini-bar, it would usually mean thay thought you were either 'fat', 'three sheets to the wind' or 'showing the telltale smears of a £10 Kit Kat around the mouth'. However, the latest addition to a hotel in Antwerp mean it will be far less rude an observation. Rooms at the boutique Banks Hotel now house a Mini Fashion Bar, where selection of sartorial items await those who have forgotten key sartorial essentials. A capsule collection, including raincoat, sensible shoes and sunglasses, all from the affordable French high-street Pimkie, can be browsed and tested before buying. As with the usual mini-bar contents, payment is made at check-out, however - unlike those exorbitant Evian water bottle and unjustifiable macadamia nuts - prices are the same as in store - £5.99 for an umbrella, for instance. With plans to roll out to Milan, Barcelona, Berlin and Paris, it seems it won't be long before many of us will be 'dressed in the mini-bar'.



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