British Grapes On Sale

Grapes grown in the UK are to go into high street supermarkets and the nations fruit bowls for the first time, it has been reported.

Britain's wine makers have used home-grown grapes for years but they were not suitable as desserts or table grapes. But after trials over the last three years, producers have come up with two seedless varieties which can be grown on a commercial scale. The trials involved a partnership with Kent farmers, supermarket giant Asda and expert growers in Spain.

The grapes are now ready to be grown commercially and the first crops should be in British supermarkets by the end of next summer. Asda grapes manager (what a job!), Alberto Goldbacher, is reported to have said, ''It's incredibly exciting to be reaping the rewards of this trial. We have tested lots of different varieties of grapes over the last three years and our main problem has been getting the sweetness of the grape right for our customers, as the climate in the UK means we don't always get the sunshine and light needed for this to develop within the grape.''

There won't be much 'developing' in today's dark and rainy skies, Alberto!      


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