FATTORIA LA VIALLA - Christmas 2015

The Fattoria La Vialla Christmas Catalogue has just arrived by e mail. Here is where you can access a Christmas treat of Tuscan food and wine - pasta 'to-die-for', sauces that will make your mouth water and wines that taste of Tuscany and the valleys and hills around Arezzo. For festive gift ideas and food and wine for the Christmas table straight from the Farm, you must visit: - https://bestellkarte.lavialla.it/catalogo/natale2015/uk/predefault.aspx?AUTH=res

And my friends at La Vialla, Guiliana, Piero, Antonio and Bandino, have come up with a wonderful idea for the festive celebrations - Chocolate Salami. This new and wonderful dessert is quite unique and has been created down on the farm by one of their best pastry chefs, Francesco (below),

Here it is in manufacture...

being rolled...

and sealed...

and here it is -  Chocolate Salami (and its meat 'cousin')

Get it on on-line from Fattoria La Vialla  - (lavialla.it/natale2015)


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