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Back in July 2015, I blogged about beers created by rock bands like Queen and Madness. Now it's time to add another big name to the list of rock and roll stars entering the 'minefield' that is beer and lager. Sir Paul McCartney has turned his attention from music making to beer brewing, creating an ale called Old Stinkhorn. Named after a phallic shaped mushroom that grows on his estate, McCartney is using hops that grow on his land in East Sussex. Sadly, the ale is not on sale yet - he likes to give the beer friends and family as gifts. 

For those who missed my ''Rock and Roll Beer'' blog back in July, here it is:-

These days, there are as many beers being brewed by rock and roll legends as there are musical genres – lagers, ales, wheat beers, hoppy brews, stronger beers for sipping slowly. And the musicians who have joined Queen (4.7%) might surprise you.

Trooper, 4.8%
Heavy metal rockers Iron Maiden, who have sold more than 90 million albums, put their name to a beer which proved to be Stockport brewer Robinsons greatest hit. The Trooper, which pays homage to one of the band’s best loved live stage songs, is powered by three powerful hops, Bobek, Goldings, and Cascade, which makes the golden beer sing with citrus flavours. The band’s front man Bruce Dickinson played a major part in developing the beer, even taking time out of rehearsals to help brew it. Available from and in pubs and supermarkets nationally.

Build a Rocket Boys!, 4%
Lancashire favourites Elbow produced a beer to coincide with their fifth album. Build a Rocket Boys! was launched in 2011 in collaboration with another northern favourite, Robinsons Brewery. Last year, after selling more than 750,000 pints and raising more than £40,000 for Oxfam, the band decided it was going to be last orders for the easy drinking, malty beer. So anyone finding the beer still on sale in an off-licence could be looking at a collector’s item. Visit for more on the band.

Gladness, 4.2%
The band Madness were said to have been inspired to make their own beer while drinking in the pub where they performed their first gigs in north London, the Dublin Castle. Brewed by one of London’s new wave of breweries Portobello, it’s a crisp, easy drinking lager, which tastes like liquid bread with refreshing citrus overtones from the hops. It’s currently available in bottles and cans. Visit for details of the beer’s availability.

Fuzzy, 8.5%
Welsh rockers Super Furry Animals turned to craft brewers Celt Experience when they wanted to produce their own beer for a festival in Caerphilly. The beer which is named after their 1996 debut, Fuzzy Logic, is a funky combination of styles. A Welsh ale which has been fermented with a saison yeast, it has a pronounced citrus aroma and a hint of pleasant sourness. The beer, like the band, is currently being rested. Visit for details of the company’s other brews.

Believe, 4.8%
Folk singer Frank Turner says he writes his songs to be sung in bars. Well, he can now drink his own bottled beer while crooning. His brew Believe is an English twist on a Belgian wheat beer, with orange citrus flavours and swathes of spice. Brewed by Hackney hipsters Signature Brew, the beer is one of several music-inspired collaborations the company produces. Visit for availability details.

The General, 3.9%
The General is another beer from Signature Brew, which was created after rock band The Rifles visited the brewery. Signature Brew director Sam McGregor said: “The band got really involved in the process, which is represented in the quality of the beer and the brilliant label artwork they produced.” The crisp, wheat beer was created as antidote to the thousands of dull insipid lagers the band members had drunk while touring the country. Visit for availability details.

Dogfish Head American Beauty, 10.7%
Next time you're listening to one of the Grateful Dead’s greatest albums, 1970's American Beauty, try drinking the beer name after it. Dogfish Head’s American Beauty is a fulsome imperial pale ale, which was brewed using the hippies' favourite breakfast cereal, granola. The amber-coloured beer stars swirling flavours of honey, oats and fruit. Sadly, the beer is currently not sold in the UK but visit for information on where it can be bought.


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