It's more useful than an ashtray on a motorbike, a water-proof teabag, a glass hammer or mudflaps on a tortoise. But a new chocolate teapot has a limited use.

The sarcastic phrase, I use regularly, ''about as useful as a chocolate teapot'' has long signified that something is of no practical use, but this age-old wisdom has been overturned. Now a dark chocolate teapot is on sale from firefox.com, which is strong enough to be filled with hot water and cocoa powder to make - and pour - a delicious hot, chocolate drink. Alternatively, you could add more piping hot water to create a 'retro' chocolate fondue in which to dip fruit and marshmallows. When you have finished the 600g teapot will eventually melt or you can break up the vessel and eat its fragments.

If you are interested in investing in this 'limited use' but fun item then it's £24.99 from firefox.com. It is not known if they also plan to experiment with the similarly obscure chocolate fireguard!



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