Fans of TV celebrity chefs are often quick to follow in their idols footsteps and try their latest recipe or buy their recommended gadget. As a result, supermarket marketing teams are quick to tell us when sales of various products have increased as a result celebrity chef endorsement. But ironically, TV cook Nigella Lawson faced online mockery when she shared a recipe for avocado on toast during a recent BBC2 series, yet the the sales of avocados soared.

Whether it is served sliced, blitzed in smoothies, mashed on toast, 'the Nigella way', or filled with a fried egg (below), avocado is now more popular than ever. Once considered a luxury product, the fruit has seen sales soar by 30% in the last year, with supermarkets raking in an extra £34 million in 2015. The Central American fruit is packed with vitamins, good monoun-saturated fats and fibre, in addition to more potassium than a banana.

It's great news that us Brits are buying more healthy food!


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