Restaurants Research You!

We are used to looking on websites to check-out a restaurant that we haven't tried before, or logging onto TripAdvisor to see what diners thought about an eatery you've meant to try for ages. But now the tables have turned, literally, as some restaurants have started researching their clients. That's you!

The national newspapers in the UK, yesterday reported that staff at some luxury restaurants are researching their patrons on the internet before they come to dine. It's either the most attentive customer service your could ask for or one step away from stalking. Armed with just the name from a booking, waiters can use social media sites, including Facebook and Twitter, to learn about a customer's job, personal life and tastes before they walk through the door. They can also anticipate whether a diner is celebrating a birthday or a special occasion.

Eleven Madison Park, one of New York's top restaurants (above), revealed that scouring the Internet for clues about diners is an integral part of preparing for service. Jon Spiteri, manager of the Holborn Dining Room at London's Rosewood Hotel (below), told New York Magazine: ''It's about tailoring the experience. If you come to a restaurant often and people know those things about you, you feel more at home''

So, be on your guard next time you visit a top-notch restaurant for the first time, they may already know that you only drink red wine or that you are a vegetarian or maybe that you hate sprouts! I'm editing all my entries on social media sites to say how fussy I am about good service, 'real' food and hot plates. And that I give good tips. You've been warned!


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