I must admit that if there is no home-baked bread in the house, I usually buy a loaf of Hovis. It's a surprise then to discover that Hovis is trying to solve our reluctance to eat enough fish by adding omega-3 to its bread.

Hovis says action is needed because intake by fatty acid, which helps maintain healthy cholesterol levels, is at an all-time low. Analysis data from the National Diet and Nutritional Survey shows that 61% of adults and 79% of children are consuming below the the beneficial levels of omega-3. Hovis will now add it to a 'Good Inside' range of loaves, with two slices providing nearly half the 2g daily requirement for an adult.

Amanda Ursell, a independent nutritionist, is reported to have said, ''The challenge for many families is serving up healthy meals which provide a strong nutritional foundation for maintaining good health. When it comes to essential omega-3s found most commonly in oily fish, people simply just aren't eating enough of them. That's why I fully support the fact that bread, this wonderful staple, is now being used to deliver a crucial dietary component, essential omega-3, which dietary survey data reveals we are not getting enough of.''

I understand that a spokesperson for the health charity Heart UK said: ''If food manufacturers are finding easier and more innovative ways to introduce these vital ingredients into the people's daily lives, it's a great step in the right direction towards better health.''

800g Hovis loaves, available in white, wholesome and best of both, are now on sale at around £1.25 - Fishy Hovis, it's not!            


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