Takeaway Salads Binned

Just one per cent of salads given away in plastic bags with takeaway curries is actually eaten. That's according to a survey carried out by BusinessWaste.co.uk. It seems that most go straight in the bin unopened, or are put in the fridge and dumped later. Other bags are left in the shop by people picking up their food or handed back to the delivery driver.

Surprised? I am. I find those little bags of shredded lettuce, tomato and cucumber an ideal addition to a starter course, with a little cucumber sauce added to the dish. So why dump it? It seems many of us fear bacteria, while others simply find salad a turn-of, particularly late at night. The researchers, which questioned 3,500 customers, have urged takeaway owners to ask customers if they want salad bags rather than automatically dish them out. With thousands of tons of salad going to waste each year in the UK, that seems a good idea to me!


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