Good Food Magazine - April Edition

Maisie makes hot cross buns, so Easter is on its way, according to April's edition of the Good Food Magazine. Planning your Easter Cooking is the focus for this edition and certainly Maisie's buns look scrummy, which is more than I can say for some of the dishes that fill the magazine.

Good Food Magazine is always crammed with recipes if you are looking for something to inspire you this Easter. They claim to have 75 new and exciting recipes, but while dishes like Fruity tabbouleh with feta (below) and Salmon with sesame, soy and ginger noodles look delicious, there is nothing new or exciting from carrot and tomato soup, fish pie, sausage, bean and bacon bake or chicken paella. As for hot cross buns, their cheesy version pale compared with Maisies'!

As you might expect there are plenty of Easter fancies like Easter nest coconut and white chocolate cupcakes and Bunny carrot cake, as well as snippets on gifts to get for the 'egg celebration'. The Golden Lattice Milk Chocolate Egg from M&S at £15 looks a great buy. The Mary Berry feature, although short, contains some interesting readers questions to the Queen of Cakes, including a few personal queries on how she stays so slim with so much cake to eat. The answer being that she does not go back for seconds - I think I'll give up seconds for Lent!

I've had quite a lot of polenta over the years, mainly on my frequent visits to Italy, where for my friends in the mountainous north of the country, it is a staple part of their diet. I've never found it a great delicacy, but this month's Good Food suggests, 'Let's eat more polenta' and tries to get us to use it more in the UK, with recipes for Polenta crusted chicken, Creamy polenta mushroom ragout (below) and Polenta and lemon drizzle cake.

If you wanted to get away from Great British Bake Off finalists, then you're out of luck, as many feature at some point in this month's magazine. Kimberley Wilson seeks out new places to eat in London, as well as shopping for cooking ingredients. Not much of a challenge really, as you can find almost everything you might need in the capital and an array of eateries. So it's mainly a list of local places she likes to frequent. She would have been better occupied giving readers more of an update on what she had been up to since loosing in the final of Bake-Off. Not much, I suspect! Meanwhile, Frances, John, Jo and Ed, previous winners, carry out a Chocolate Bake-Off, making four high calorie desserts.  

TV stars James Martin and John Torode (below) both have recipe pages and the latter promotes his new 'Australia' show on the Good Food Channel on Monday evenings, with dishes which inspire him, like Crab and chicken noodle salad. James does the 'Easter roast' which for me is overshadowed by 'Bank Holiday Platters to Share', which  seem ideal for the kind of buffet style get-together you have these days when the family and friends call - skewers, pitta bread and couscous salads feature.

There are plenty of  healthy dishes, a feature on diabetes and  the sugar debate is not missed, with food industry expert Joanna  Blythman suggesting that instead of debating sugar versus fat, we should be focusing on real versus processed food. I agree! Finally, there are good snippets on Knowing Your Eggs. The Cook School does lining a baking tin and Crispy Duck with pancakes and the 'best-buy' mixing bowls and the 'top 10' chocolate bars, get the 'Which' treatment.


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